Watford's Gold Standard Sensory Room

Watford's Gold Standard Sensory Room

A match day visit to the sensory room at Watford Football Club more than lived up to my expectations. A quick pre-match visit to the nearby Two Trees Micro, increased my anticipation and I was keen to get to the ground as early as possible. Chatting to the home fans in the micro pub, the pride they felt in the priority the club gave to this area of inclusion and the investment they have made, was palpable. 

I was not disappointed from the moment I arrived. A separate entrance into the ground provided quiet, welcoming, and unhindered access to the Vicarage Road Stadium. Walking into the sensory room I was immediately blow away by the

Pitch view from Watford's sensory room.

fantastic view of the pitch, which was expansive and unrestricted. It’s a view of the pitch any fan would enjoy. There is also a sense of privacy as its design means that people can not see inside from the seating outside. The facility is well equipped and designed. A separate sensory area away from the pitch view provides the perfect chill-out atmosphere.

Reflecting more on the large space provided by the club, it’s impossible not to be aware of the corporate revenue that this area of the ground could be generating. Credit must be given to Watford FC for committing themselves to provide this space, a state-of-the-art calming area, acknowledging that there are some children who need assistance in coping with the noise of a match day environment and probably wouldn’t otherwise attend a game. Unfortunately, Watford didn’t win the match against Swansea, but they certainly won the gold award for their sensory room.

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