Promote Diversity at Your Club

Promote Diversity at Your Club

There is more in football that unites us than divides us. 

FREE: Over £400 worth of products to help you promote diversity at your football club. 

 Love Football Hate Racism has this exciting offer to help up 6 clubs small or large, league or non-league, to engage positively with supporters and demonstrate football passion can take us beyond club colours and rivalries.


How you use the resource is up to you, give them away, raffle some or all of them for club funds? Endless possibilities.

We have seen recently from Essex Alliance FL to Premier League there is still much to do in engaging with fans and players, showing that football is a place for everyone.

What is included in the pack?

  • 20 LFHR t-shirts of various sizes
  • 150 stickers in your club colours
  • 20 badges
  • Access to an online diversity quiz

If you are interested in promoting diversity and inclusion at your club, or want more details about the free pack above, or would a visit from LFHR then please contact:

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