Blown away at Velocity Stadium

Posted by Malcolm Hirst on

It was a joy to be guests at the Velocity Stadium a competitive match between Oxford City Hemel Hempstead Town. In challenging windy conditions Oxford City eventually ran out 2-0 winners. LFHR were joined our friend Bill Hern, co-author of the wonderful Football’s Black Pioneers book.

Supporters took the opportunity to join in a quiz, ask questions about black footballers and understand the role that forgotten players like Jack Leslie, Walter Tull and Arthur Warton had as football developed. There were great chats about diversity in football today and the turbulent day’s for players of colour in 1970’s and 80’s. Fans were delighted to accept the offer of a few free t-shirts a joint giveaway between LFHR and Fans For Diversity campaign, and many were worn with great pride on the day too.