• Fan Focused

    Our projects and actions have the fans’ needs at the centre.

    Significant change in football is more likely to be achieved through fans talking and engaging with each other than another strapline or t-shirt, although people do tell us they love our t-shirts!

  • Positive

    LFHR believe that its message should be as positive as possible, a place where football goes beyond club colours and rivalries, and fans of opposing teams can celebrate diversity and inclusion. This is why during major calendar events, such as Black History Month, LFHR believes it is important to highlight those who have made history and played an important role in changes that have happen so far.

  • Encouraging

    The charity has had some amazing chats at football matches both at league and non-league level. Supporters have been encouraged that there are others flying the flag for diversity outside, or inside their football ground.

    Fans have been pleased to know they are not alone, that there are many others who also believe that football is a game for everyone to attend and not be fearful.

    LFHR wants to encourage those who may have stopped watching or participating in football to come back and feel the passion, joy, and yes sometime pain, that being invested in their club brings.

  • Partnering

    It has been the experience of LFHR that working together with other charities and organisations has enabled it to achieve more.

    We have partnered on different projects with several organisations including:

    • Paul Canoville Foundation
    • Football's Black Pioneers
    • Jack Leslie Campaign
    • 3 Lions Pride
    • Inclusive Irons & West Ham Supporters Trust
  • Activities

    Love Football Hate Racism is active in a number of areas:

    • Match day fan engagement
    • Music & Football event
    • Online Quizzes
    • Social media campaigns
    • England matches home & away