Warm Welcome at Wealdstone

Posted by Malcolm Hirst on

Football on cold Tuesday evening in October, what more could any football supporter wish for?

On 26thOctober, shortly, before our charity status was confirmed, Love Football Hate Racism had the pleasure of meeting up with fans of Wealdstone and Grimsby. Accompanied by our friends from Football’s Black Pioneers and armed with a few free pens, a quiz, a couple of prizes and some t-shirts and books we spent a pleasant 90 minutes or so before the match at the ‘Vale’ chatting with fans about football and diversity. The conversation turned to pioneers such as Jack Leslie who was denied the honour of being England’s first black footballer and Walter Tull the trailblazing war hero.

We are grateful to the Wealdstone board for allowing us the opportunity to talk with fans and for the players wearing t-shirts with the powerful Love Football Hate Racism message during warm up.